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We Manage Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We develop customer centric outsources solutions for our customers. These include managing the various parts of a customer’s infrastructure to provide a fully managed IT services solution.


Intellitech Systems provides customers with a broad range of IT management solutions, giving you a single point of responsibility and accountability. This area of service is defined below.

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Our support service functions as the core for all our teams, aggregating all customer communication and providing our customers with a single point of contact.

Specific functions are:

Managed helpdesk for logging of user queries


Provision of monthly reporting to track service performance

Automated feedback as progress is made on customer issues

Provision of remote support using industry standard toolsets

Patching, hot fixing, firmware management and monitoring of update deployments


Our service delivery and technical management services have the goal of helping customers at a strategic and management level to ensure hassle free, reliable provision of IT services.

The breakdown of services offered:

On-site services running in either permanent, part time or ad-hoc fashion.

Process creation and management

Environment documentation


Infrastructure, Security and compliance audits


Policy creation and management

System lifecycle management

Infrastructure monitoring and pro-active management


Many businesses find it difficult to understand technologies which could potentially provide them with additional value or competitiveness. As a result, many solutions are poorly scoped or implemented, overpaid or fail completely. Our team will combine our knowledge of Technologies in the market with the understanding of your business to help find the best providers and guide you through implementations.

Impact and feasibility studies for technology implementations

Sourcing and management of 3rd party technology providers

Project management and reporting

Strategic technology guidance


As part of our service offering, we continuously evaluate new technologies and look for opportunities to provide our customers with additional value. This is not a service, but rather a process which we build in to all our services.

We do this by:

Performing ongoing spend analysis and comparing with market averages and entrants

Identifying ongoing issues, finding their root causes and developing resolutions

Identifying bottlenecks and providing recommendations for the resolutions

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