Terms & Conditions

T’s & C’s

Quotations and Estimates

1. Prices listed on a quotation are valid for 7 (seven) days after which, Intellitech Systems reserves the rights to re-quote if requested by the Purchaser to proceed further.

2. A quotation is subject to confirmation by Intellitech Systems on receipt of any order and Intellitech Systems reserves the right to refuse any order.

3. All prices are in the currency and for the quantity as noted on a quotation.

4. A quotation is valid for a single shipment unless otherwise noted. Additional fees may apply for multiple shipments.

5. Any special requests (e.g., manufacturer certification, test reports, inspections, special packaging) that were not noted on a quotation request may incur an additional fee.

6. When a quotation is limited to quantity on hand, product availability will be subject to prior sale.

7. All taxes shall be paid by the Purchaser in addition to the quoted Price. If any payment by the Purchaser is subject to withholding tax, the Purchaser agrees to increase the amount of any payment which is subject to a withholding or pay an additional amount as is necessary to ensure that Intellitech Systems receives the same amount it would have received if there had been no withholding taxes. The Purchaser shall deliver any certifications and other documents required to demonstrate eligibility and to benefit from any exemption or other relief from any tax.

8. A quotation is based on the assumption of the validity of the information provided by the Purchaser being fully accurate and correct in all circumstances.